Teen Musician, Actress and Youth Ambassador Alexandra Rose Rieger Joins Dakota Fanning, Kyle & Chris Massey for the First Star Celebration

Teen musician, actress and youth ambassador Alexandra Rose Rieger joins Dakota Fanning, Kyle and Chris Massey and other award-winning celebrities for the
The evening’s theme, “Come Be a Kid Again,” brings us back to the place of joy and wonderment that is childhood.
Many award-winning celebrities, musicians and actors attended the First Star Celebration for Children’s Rights event such as: Actress and Youth Ambassador and Teen Musician Alexandra Rose Rieger “Akeelah and the Bee,”, Dakota Fanning “Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat,” Kyle and Chris Massey “Corey in the House and “Zoey 101,” The evening’s theme, “Come Be a Kid Again,” brings us back to the place of joy and wonderment that is childhood.
Christine Devine, anchor of the No. 1-ranked Fox 11 Ten O’clock News, hosted the event. Devine is an eight-time Emmy winner, including for Best Newscast for the last three years, and has profiled foster children seeking adoptive homes on her “Wednesday’s Child” segment.

Established in 1999, First Star is dedicated to strengthening the rights and improving the lives of America’s abused and neglected children through education, public policy, legislative reform and litigation. Its nonpartisan, multidisciplinary approach fosters collaborative action among organizations, advocates, practitioners and policy makers working to benefit children.

“If abused and neglected children had money or voted, there would be grownups constantly putting their interests in first position on our nation’s agenda,” states Peter Samuelson, President and Co-Founder of First Star. “While they may be poor, can’t vote, and the horrors done to them are mostly shrouded in secrecy, several million of these children each year are entitled to be helped. First Star puts them in first position.”

First Star recently launched two groundbreaking advocacy movements nationwide following the presentations of findings in Congress: “State Secrecy and Child Deaths in the U.S.” and “First Star National Report Card on Legal Representation for Children.” The goal of both reports is to serve as an objective, performance-evaluating tool in which all 50 states and the District of Columbia received A through F letter grades based on statutes, court rules and practice and to raise national public awareness of these alarming issues and ignite legislative reform efforts in poorly performing states.
Alexandra Rose Rieger is a wonderful supporter of First Star. She clearly uses her gifts and talents to help others. Whether meeting Alexandra in person, hearing her music or reading one of her books, so many have been inspired by her.

What do you think about English voice actors in Animes?

I think the English voice actors like in Naruto or Bleach do an okay job. It’s just they lose meaning of some of words they say, especially when it is a Japanese Anime. Sometimes there are no words in English for Japanese words. And the voice actors don’t know how to prounounce Japanese words! They are freaking awful and for me destroys the mood to watch some of these animes. I watched Bleach first in English dubbed. It was okay but to hear in Japanese, it was awesome since I grew up in Japan. And these voice actors don’t have accents…most of the anime are from Japan and hearing English accent kinna destroys the premise. They should use voice actors who are fluent in English and Japanese with Japanese accents. Tell me what you think or some of you ideas. Thanks!

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